I made a png with a transparent background, but it in hitfilm it has a black background...


Im creating a number of videos following the same design.  I have completed 3, and am working on the 4th.

The first three, I was able to add my transparent images and they appeared... transparent. 

In this video, when I add a transparent image, they appear with a black background.  I even added images from the previous 3 movies, and they all appeared black in this movie.

Is there a setting that I am missing?  All of the other movies required no keying, nothing.  Just the transparent image.  But this one is screwing me up.  What on earth can the issue be?


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    Right-click the ones coming in with the black bg and select properties. From there look for a setting for Alpha and make sure it's set to premultiplied. 

    You're using the exact same files imported for the first three movies? 

  • Where should I right-click the image?  Wherever I click I don't see alpha listed in its properties.

    Yes, I have tried the other images that were successfully imported into my other movies, and they too render in the movie, and the movies preview with a black background

  • If you go to the main media that you imported and then right click / properties you should see a Aspect ratio box and a Alpha box

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    Hi Guys,

    I have the same problem here. I loaded this image to my project:

    glasses link

     but when i import it the background gets black


    there's aspect ratio but no alpha option...

    i tried a couple of other .png but all come up this way. What seems to be the case ?

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    To clarify, have you put the PNG files over any other layers? You might have checkerboard off?

  • wow, that's a fast reply.

    yep, checkerboard off, it comes out as a black rectangle on the viewer:

    ckecherboard off

  • Hi Guys,

    it appears that the image (images!) were faulty. I received a corrected one via PW.

    Unfortunately don't know how to deal with it in the future, is it possible to correct it with GIMP / paint.NET or any other free software... and the main question - how to do it ? :)

    Thank you!

  • Sorry dont know all technical words in English, i am german.

    I used Affinity Photo (Photoshop or something may also work).
    Affinity Photo is for Mac and PC, think there are Test-Versions available.
    Opened the PNG and exported new PNG.
    Not as "hole document", export "selection without Background".
    Thats all

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    Hi guys,

    Here my method to solve this: I put the png file in PaintNet, I saved in JPG file and then I remove the background, save again in png, and works :).

    Hope this help you!

  • You need to save your PNG as 32-bit.

    24-bit png images get a black background.

    You can do this with Paint.net

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