THE HITFILM WISHLIST: What Features Do You Want?



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    Action Pro Helper and more
    The ability to be able to cut'n'paste individual X,Y or Z Position Offsets, Rotations or Orientations from one field to another.

    While it's possible to record X and Y with a mouse and then copy one of them to Z inside Action Pro, it would also be useful to be able to do it in Hitfilm. without having to make a round trip back to Action Pro.  Also, X rotation to Y rotation etc. of the same, or a different layer.

    This would also allow you do to the things that people have recently been asking about: how to make images scale in response to a musical beat - amongst other things.

    Also being able to copy from one field type, such as percentage, to another, such as rotation (360/100) or vice versa would be handy too. It's sort of similar to what you can do with some Behaviours.

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    +0.5 for @Palacono 's last post. A modified Icon for plug in effects (a green "+"?) would be helpful for tutorial makers, but disagree with disable. With near 200 filters I might not remember what was turned off, and it could cause compatibility issues. What if I  Ioad a project that uses a disabled effect? 

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    @Triem23 Serious question?

    OK.  I'm sure a couple of devs could discuss and come up with something simple and obvious in about 5 minutes. ;)

    Like: Load them anyway and auto reactivate the disabled ones. Or ask you about them individually in case one was causing a crash and you want it stripped out, or strip them out like Express does. Or load them, but turn them all off and prompt you to reactivate them if you tried to turn them on. Or something better. :)

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    The ability to reduce the line spacing, right now I can't bring the line spacing under "auto" and numbers just passed auto does not do anything unless the number gets really high. We can't reduce the space between text lines as now :(


    EDIT: I mean for text layers

  • +1 for line spacing less than default/auto.

  • The new Text effect in Pro does have vertical line spacing adjustment.

    However, it comes with some new issues as well.

    • No horizontal text spacing
    • Line spacing slider doesn't go under 100% but can type a number in
    • When you reduce line spacing so that lines overlaps, the text edges appears to mix with the layer color under it and bleeds through the overlapped edges
    • No outline/stroke color or width settings (useful for subtitles)
  •  @PixlPants

    I know that the text effect has a better line spacing option but what I can't do in it is:

    • Use gemotry>extrude (to create a real 3d object)
    • Use multiple fonts in the same text area, as well as sizes and paragraph alignment
  • I would love there to be a 3D motion tracking option for 3D models and stuff. Also I would like to see 3D text.

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    Since you said 3D models, I will assume you have Hitfilm Pro. Mocha is your 3D tracker, and 3D Extrusion (and, in v6, the new Geometry Extrusion) are your 3D text. 

    If you're in Express, Mocha and 3D Extrusion are both available in add-on packs. 

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    CTRL+Clicking on a position value in a layer's Transform properties inverts the position value. This is a great little hidden gem for all kinds of animation.

    Any possibility of adding a similar modifier to other Transform fields, like Rotation and Scale? (For scale, 100% would be the nominal value, of course, which means inverting a 25% scale would go to 400%. This might not be what users expect?)

  • What about:

    Audio / mp3 export

    ctrl + leftclick to invert rotation aswell

    make it possible to save media presets (with keyframed transform controlls, masks and effects)

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    @ElliotBrowne for just a 3D tracking you can use Mocha included in Pro or as an express add-on, or you can download for free Autodesk MatchMover to track and export a .ma tracking data file than you'll can import it in both hitfilm (express or pro)

  • Hi,

    Not sure these were already asked earlier.

    couple of missing basic requirements for using hitfilm as NLE:

    - having multiple timelines

    - 'Add marker' option in editor timelines, as lot of times, editors need to write something for videos edited.


    Also, for export,

    image options should include 'TIFF' and/or 'JPEG2000' formats.


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    +1 multiple timelines

    +1 markers

    I would suggest also :

    - import an .hfp project as video file

  • If you're like me and you just want to make movies for the experience, than Hitfilm is the best choice for VFX creation I've seen. However, on the editing side, there are so many ways to improve it.

    I would HIGHLY recommend (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) that Hitfilm take a look at the editing tools in DaVinci Resolve. What? You say. Resolve? Why not Avid. I'll tell you why...

    I've used both Avid and Resolve. And in a fraction of the time I've used Avid, I learned Resolve and have become quite comfortable with it. Avid still frustrates me, and I find it quite clunky. Funny, given that it's the industry standard.

    Simply watch some of the editing tutorials for Resolve, and I think you will be quite impressed with their ease of use, their intuitiveness, etc. I paid $79 for the complete, certified training for Resolve from Ripple Training.  For $79, I think the devs of Hitfilm could get a lot of ideas from the "Editing and Color Grading 101" series. If we had editing tools in Hitfilm like the ones in Resolve, I think you would see a surge in sales.

    Just saying.

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