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Hi everybody
i finally got on the train and purchased Hitfilm Ultimate :)
i really need one simple feature which is the possibility to add "Markers" to the timeline. its a feature i am used to from Vegas and its quite a simple tool. its workflow is similare to Hitfilm slice tool, except instead of slicing the footage, it adds a simple "Marker" as a "snap to point".You can add as many markers you want to the time line (important that you can add marker with a hot key when playing back the timeline ! in Vegas its the "M" key). the marker display the number of the marker and the time on the timeline (you can rename markers to keep track and add comments).
this way its very easy to snap you footage to any marker you have in the time line.
the use i make of this is normally to match my footage to the music .... i just playback the timeline with sound/music enabled and hit the "Marker" hot key to the rhythm of the music or on a particular point of the music. after that its very easy to snap your footage to the markers and this way footage and music match very nice.
i hope this is somthing i can see soon in Hitfilm :)
Greetings Patrick


  • Hey Patrick, thanks for the feedback, and do please let us now how you get on with HitFilm otherwise.
    Several other users have also requested this feature, including myself, I agree that it is a very useful feature to have available. I've passed the idea along to the developers, and it is something the plan to add to a future update of the software.
    If you have any other ideas or comments, let us know.
  • Hi Axel
    great to here that it will get implemented :)
    of cause i have a lot of ideas/features i would like to see implemented in the future ... especially those that are related with 3D composition (render passes from 3D animation). the possibility to import normal maps for "relighting" a object or several objects, and with the same map you can even "fake" reflections (when you need your 3D object to fit to an added background). Objects and Material ID passes .... would be great to be able to creat a mask using a color picker ..... etc.
    but i guess for this features i make an appropriate post ;)
    (anyway .... i guess that right now the Hitfilm developers have high priority to get the program optimised so its not necessary to flood them with new "challenging" features until the optimisation has finished or reached a good performance)
    about giving feedback on the program ... right now i will have to wait at least 10 days until my new workstation arrives .... so right now i am only looking at the features and workflow and even did not install my Ultimate version with the registering key. The graphic card i have dont match the recommendations so my feedback would not be very useful :))
    but once my new workstation arrives, i will definitely try to give as much feedback i can.
    Greetings Patrick
  • It's August 2016 and we still don't have markers? Is this so hard to implement?

  • I am with Patrick and UnnamedDisaster there are plenty of programs out there with markers. This one I downloaded for free and I am still on the fence about purchasing.  I grew up editing on FinalCut pro and the marker was easily the most utilized function on that program. The last time this was addressed was 2011 so I am curious to what response you will offer the next time around "in the works" or "talking with developers" is the five years ago answer.  Either it isn't a priority or you cant see the value in it.  I am here to assure you that if this had markers I would have purchased pro already.

  • I get by without, but I definitely see why someone would want this. The current workaround is this:

  • @CNK That workaround is more akin to what Id call "regions". Not really suitable for placing marks on (for example) every beat in a music track.

  • @AlexWilkinson

    Hello, I'm surprised more people (out of the some 400 000 downloads) are not concerned with this. There are great improvements to be made in terms of shortcuts and customization of the program. Workflow and it's speed are essential. Adding markers and quickly going to a marker (e.g. ctrl+1, 2 ...) are important in projects more than a few clips long.

    Several other improvements came to mind:

    • More accurate zoom-in (with scroll wheel, the bot-left corner is fine)
    • A way to handle multiple pictures (or items in general) in a timeline, when the length is changed, the pictures don't move and one has to manually adjust the position of every picture again
    • Option for the playback not to stop for every single action taken, even scrolling the timeline
    • Add a split key? Like s, but instant split. It's convenient to split a selected item based on the position of the playback cursor.
    • The playback cursor could move with each mouse click, not just to the top of the editing section (essential for the previous suggestion)
    • Hotkey to zoom to project size (like "P" does for the I-O)

    All in all, it's great to have a free editing software this powerful in terms of effects and all this glossy stuff. But I would gladly see drastic workflow improvements at the cost of a few new VFx.



  • +1 for markers. it is very useful once you're used to it.

  • This is definitely a much needed functionality. This is exactly what i'm looking for right now. Adding markers should be very simple. Once it is out, it can be further enhanced by adding labels or comments, or even recognizing & importing gopro tags.

  • Just a reminder guys--dev moderated Wishlist Thread that's regularly checked. 

    Go be squeaky wheels there. It's regularly logged by staff, and more Marker votes is good. 

  • Thanks Triem23 for your suggestion.

    I checked out this thread:


    The feature we are looking for is a the top of the Timeline list. 


      • Markers on the timeline, with the ability to add markers during playback without the playhead stopping. (jc4d)"

    I hope we get it soon.

  • I just downloaded hitfilm and started my first project. After 2 minutes i needed to mark a spot in a track. do I add a marker here... no button for that.... gotta check the help pages... WHAT????   I guess every software has its dealbreaker huh?

  • So you're bailing because HitFilm doesn't have markers?


  • Thats what I did at least. I would be happy to go back to Hitfilm but as long as this feature is not implemented I simply can´t. Synchronizing Audio and Video without markers just takes way too long for bigger projects.

    I just don´t understand why they haven´t added it. A little feature like that can´t be that hard to implement, especially when you just need to take the marking methods from split and leave out the actual splitting part.

  • Stargazer54Stargazer54 Moderator

    Well, uh . . . lack of markers is not a deal breaker, but an annoyance.  One way to do a workaround (Besides the ColorPlanes method above)-you can add a new track, drop on an image for a few frames, go to properties and make the image transparent, then place the box on the timeline on top of the spot to mark.    Slide down the timeline, make a new one and so on.

    Remember you can hold down the Control key and use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out of the timeline.

    So there are ways to work around it until the devs bring forth a solution.

    But agreed, trying to mark on the fly to a music beat is more problematic.

    But please remember when you compare AE (or Adobe in general) and HF you have a giant company with 25 year old software and lots of money for development versus a very small company of dedicated individuals who have wrought forth an awesome piece of software in 8 years while relying on limited resources.    And the price is right for Pro and it does so many wonderful things.  

    Gotta have some patience folks.  I know they'll get to it.

    In my mind HF is first a compositor and editor second.   If it's not for you then its not for you.  Thanks for playing and good luck with your future projects.


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