The Movement

In 2011, Josh Davies set out on a mission to make professional grade post-production tools accessible to everyone. The result was HitFilm, an all-in-one video editing and visual effects software.

Six years and 1,112,015 users later, HitFilm is one of the leading post-production software tools in the industry, offering software options for newbie and pro editors alike. The HitFilm community stretches around the globe to over 100 countries and is growing at a rate of over 85,000 members per month.

What started as a big idea on a little budget, has grown to a global movement of editors and filmmakers who share HitFilm’s vision for the future of video software. Together, we have not only built one of the best VFX and editing tools in the industry – but a community of artists who inspire and learn from each other.

With the latest HitFilm Pro 2017 you can create next-generation films with an unmatched library of over 500 visual effects and presets, enhanced audio, color grading and 3D animation tools.

So what are you waiting for? Go make the next hit »

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The Team

Josh Davies   

Founder & CEO


Cyborg-like pixel-accurate eyesight

Favorite Feature:

Animated 3D models - big stompy robots!

Andrea Wake



Getting creative in the kitchen

Favorite Feature:

Particle simulator - adds the magic!

Rikki Loades



Builder of things

Favorite Feature:

Tracking - so much time saved!

Robert Laycock



Matrix manipulator

Favorite Feature:

"New" button - creative journey begins!

Kirstie Tostevin



Caffeine absorption

Favorite Feature:

Lightning - so versatile!

…plus an Avengers-esque team of creative and technical superheroes.

Our Partners

HitFilm is proud to work with a wide range of partners from Hollywood studios to software companies to world-famous YouTubers.

We think these folks are pretty cool.

  • ActionVFX
  • Boris FX & Imagineer
  • Corridor Digital
  • Film Riot
  • Future Learn
  • Grass Valley
  • Main Concept
  • NewBlueFX
  • Rampant Design Tools
  • Reallusion
  • Rocket Jump
  • Territory Studios
  • Westcott

Have an idea for a project or partnership? Drop us a line at

The Community

1,112,015 registered users

HitFilm is the fastest growing video software community in the world with:

85,000+ new users every month

• Over 45,000 educational users worldwide

• Over 115,000 YouTube subscribers

• YouTube influencer network reach of over 15,000,000 subscribers